If you are searching for water level sensors for water tanks or water tank float switch, Waterline Controls™ can help!

The water level sensor of your water tank is an essential component. If not repaired or replaced, a sensor can become damaged over time and fail entirely. Too much water can cause a malfunction and too little water means inadequate water pressure. Either way, repairing or replacing holding tanks is an expensive task you shouldn’t have to undertake because of sub-par sensors.

With Waterline Controls™ water tank level sensors, there’s nothing to break down or rust and our models have a 99% success rate! In the high unlikely event that you experience any issues with your product, call us and we’ll replace or repair it immediately at no charge. Read more about our water tank level sensors and control systems.

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Water Level Sensors For Water Tanks

Water level sensors for water tanks, also known as float switches for water tanks, are able to sense or detect water levels in storage tanks to give you control over how much water is in your tank at all times. Our water tank level sensors offer can detect & control water levels in water tanks, storage tanks and transport tanks. Waterline Controls™ offers a variety of water level sensors for water tanks including types.

Water Tank Level Sensor Features

Our water tank level sensors have 6 individual stainless steel probes than can be set to activate a low alarm, activate a high alarm, turn on a fill valve/pump, turn off a fill valve/pump, pump down options and more.

  • Water Tank Fill
  • Water Tank Shut Off
  • Water Tank Low Level Alarms
  • Water Tank High Level Alarms
  • Pump Down
  • and more

Sensor Head Design

The sensor had a varied number of stainless-steel probes to accurately detect when the water is at various levels. It has a low water alarm to turn off the booster pump if water gets too low, and a fill on/off switch points to turn the well pump on and off at different water levels. We designed the sensor head to go into the top of the tank or mount along side the tank in an external static pipe. Our sensor rods will not foul, plate or deteriorate no matter the water quality and the system comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Power Supply

The power supply can go into a new or existing electrical panel that has the well pump relay (110VAC coil) and the booster pump relay (110VAC Coil). This power supply can use either 110VAC or 220VAC. $10 for each Picker Relay is added to the 220VAC version controller only. Just let us know which one you need.

Easy Setup

All the connections between the power supply and the sensor are color matched to make the installation easy and fast. Your system comes with a color-coded wiring diagram: the sensor head colors are matched to the same colored wires power supply.

The relays need 110VAC coils so they can be wired into the Waterline Controls™ Power supply (PS2) that is provided with this set-up. Also, the liquid level sensors we use are low-voltage and low-ampere, greatly reducing the chance of injury due to electrical shock during installation or maintenance.

Waterline Controls™ easily integrates with SCADA using dry contacts. Unlike many of our competitors, our well water holding tank sensors are designed for use in water, resulting in little or no need for calibration during the install.

At Waterline Controls™, we are confident you’ll find our products safe and easy to install yourself. If you do have questions, we’re available at 888-905-1892 to walk you through the installation process.

Water Tank Level Control System

We not only sell water tank level sensors but we also sell the entire water tank level control system.

We use all solid state electronics in all of our water tank level controls which allow use of low voltage power (less than 1 volt). This prevents fouling, rusting and deterioration of the water tank level sensor probes and extends the life of the sensors, one of the most common problems with other types of water tank sensors.

The only moving part in the system is the relays which can be easily replaced. The advanced design eliminates the need to replace the entire system.

  • Solid State Electronics
  • Advanced Modular Design
  • Dry-contact Digital Circuitry
  • Easy to Install
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Press to Test Feature
  • Reliably Accurate
  • Built to Last 1% failure rate
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Superior Tech Support
  • Low Cost
  • UL508 Standard by ETL

Replace Electric Float Switches For Water Storage Tanks

Are you still using a float switch on your water storage tanks? Are you ready to switch to a water tank float switch alternative that is 99% reliable over a 15-year life cycle and comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty? You can eliminate the use of float switches with WLC-4500 for your well water holding tank.

Waterline Controls™ offers an alternative option to electronic float switches. We can replace your out-of-date float switches with revolutionary water level sensors. The WLC-4500 water tank level sensor is an economical, reliable, accurate alternative to the traditional float switch solution.

Our tank level controllers can replace your electric float switches for good! No need to replace your electric float switches every 2-3 years anymore with Waterline Controls™. There will be no moving parts in the water to wear out.

Our water level sensors use stainless steel probes to measure water levels inside a storage tank. Stainless steel probes prevent rusting, fouling and deterioration commonly found in old float switches, regardless of water quality. Our technology controls the pump’s on and off functions, offers a low alarm, and indicates if the unit has lost power for any reason.

Our water level sensors are made as a direct replacement for electric float switches for water tanks.

  • 15 year life cycle
  • Best water tank float switch replacement
  • Lasts longer than other water tank float switches
  • Doesn’t rust, foul or deteriorate
  • No moving parts
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Perfect for water tank applications

Water Tank Level Alarms & Indicators

Our electronic water level sensors for water tanks can be set to turn on LED indicator lights and/or set off a high or low alarm once water levels are too high or too low. Our controls can also be programmed to automatically turn on or off water pumps to ensure accurate water levels within a water storage tank.

Our sensors are perfect for low water or high water level alarms in water tank applications. They can be set up to sound audible alarms and turn on pumps for immediate corrective action.

Our water tank level sensors are ideal for high water level alarm and/or low water level alarms in applications involving fire protection, sump pumps, water processing, wells, and more. They can be set up to sound audible alarms and turn on pumps for immediate corrective action. Typical uses include:

  • Low level water tank alarm
  • High level water tank alarm
  • Water tank filling alarm
  • Cooling tower overflow alarms
  • Heater cut off alarms
  • Fire service water level tanks needing both high and low alarms
  • Storage water tank level indicators
  • Fill circuit to open a valve when water levels are too low

In short, any application that requires precision monitoring of water levels would be an excellent fit for our water level sensor alarms. We even do custom controllers. Contact us to find out more.

Float Switches For Water Tanks VS. Level Controllers

Water tank level sensors and water tank float switches are very similar in that they are both used to detect water levels inside a water storage tank. However, they are also both very different when it comes to design and reliability. At Waterline Controls™, we offer 2 different styles of water tank level control for you to choose from including:

Water Tank Level Controllers

Our water tank level controls do not use float switches or moving parts like traditional float switches do. This makes our tank level controls more reliable and last longer than any other float switches on the market. All of the electronics are built into the head and we only use high quality stainless steel to prevent fouling or deterioration.

Water Tank Float Switches

At Waterline Controls™, we still build precision magnetic reed float switches for all types of applications including water tank level control. Our designs are reliable and flexible, and we work closely with you to make sure that the final product meets your requirements. If you want to go this route, we can help you.


Easy Integration Into BMS & SCADA Systems. Our WLC line of water level sensors and water level controllers have been designed for easy integration into existing BMS and SCADA systems. If all you need is a water tank filling alarm, it can handle that seamlessly. You will find our water tank level indicators easy to implement into a wide variety of applications, including,

All of our controllers are simple to use and troubleshoot. Waterline Controls™ water tank level controls detect levels of liquid within a water storage tank and can automatically control your water pumps in non potable water, sewage and sump applications. Use our water tank sensors for alarms, indicators, pumps and other devices.

Reliable Sensor Probes

The sensor probes are different from other stainless steel probes on the market. They will not plate, foul, or degrade. Our sensors are accurate regardless of water quality. In addition, our controller system uses a very small voltage that you don’t have to worry about it affecting water quality. These characteristics make water tank level controllers ideal for all kinds of applications, from wastewater to well water.

Custom Water Tank Level Control & Float Switch Systems

Waterline Controls® has been designing custom water tank level controls and float switch systems for many applications. If you need customized tank level controls or float switches for your specific application we can help! We manufacture all of our water level controls right here at our factory in the United States of America.

Our water tank float switch systems are reliable do not need replacement as often as other types of systems. Trust Waterline Controls for all of your level sensing and control needs!

Make The Change Today!

If you are ready to replace your water well tank float switch with a reliable, economical, minimal maintenance alternative, you can buy one here today or give us a call if you have any questions.

Dependability & Warranty

For you and your family, the safe and accurate control of the holding tank water level makes the difference between having drinking water for your home and not having it. Waterline Controls, with over 25 years of experience, makes the products you and your family can count on and provides a 5 Year Limited Warranty with all of its units.

The liquid level sensors we use are low-voltage and low-ampere, and greatly reduce the chance of injury due to electrical shock during installation or maintenance. Unlike a great deal of our competitors, our water tank sensors are designed for use in water, resulting in little or no need for calibration during the install.

Save a service fee for a water level switch installation. At Waterline Controls, we are confident you’ll find our products safe and easy to install yourself. If you do have questions, we’re available at 888-905-1892 to walk you through the installation process.


All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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