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Our Products Offer:
• Solid State Electronics
• Highest Accuracy
• Building Automation System
• 5 Year Limited Warranty

• Superior Tech Support

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Waterline Controls sensors:

  • Will Not Foul
  • Will Not Plate
  • Will Not Deteriorate

- Regardless of Water Quality! -

You are always my first choice for electronic make-up systems!!

Went well. Customer seems happy with the installation on his cooling towers. Thanks Again.

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Ametek Solidstate Controls are not engineered for specific applications. Waterline Controls are designed for specific applications.

We suggest solid state sensor probes which are usually lower cost, not electric float switches like Dwyer Instruments.

We designed and manufacture our own UL and CSA listed Water Level Controls, Evapco - Cooling Towers Waterline Controls are on Evapco Cooling Towers Worldwide.

Flowline uses Ultrasound technology, but the reflective nature of the fuels, water or walls can create false levels and indications unlike physical probes.

Honeywell makes temperature sensors. We make a software operated advanced control panel with a temperature sensor to operate a cooling tower basin heater.

Madison Float Switch Waterline Controls provides the solution to mechanical float failures using our sensor probe technology.

Marley Cooling Towers Waterline Controls is being used on many Marley Cooling Towers.

SJE Rhombus Waterline Controls is the solution for whole commercial building (BAS) and industrial applications for water level management.

Warrick Controls are conductivity style probes. Waterline Controls provides technology that eliminates the potential for fouling or deterioration of the probes. The NINA Series is for integrators and OEM Manufacturers at a lower price.


Features and Benefits


No moving parts or mechanical floats to break or rust.

Built to Last

Makes it easy to integrate with existing Building Management Systems and has an expected useful life of fifteen years.

Best Tech Support in the Industry

No runarounds, no guessing, no stupid answers – you’ll be talking directly to the guy who’s been designing & installing these units for more than 20 years.

“Press to Test” Feature

One push of the button starts a complete validation cycle to ensure all systems are working properly.

Advanced Modular Design

Save money by easily replacing individual parts instead of replacing the entire unit.

Reliably Accurate

Compensates for wave action and manages water levels to within 1/8” of operating range.

Dry-contact Digital Circuitry

Quickly view the status of all functions.

LED Indicator Lights

An LED indicator light for each output and fault conditions for easy testing and evaluation.

Best Warranty in the Industry

Every unit is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

When you are ready to buy, visit our Where to Buy page to locate your local distributor, or call 888-905-1892.

Project Examples

If you’re still not sure about Waterline Controls Technology just ask some of our clients. Here are a few unique projects we’ve done over the last five years where water level control can be mission critical:

We are on the majority of data centers for:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Dell
  • Facebook
  • Gallo wine bottle production factory which has 2 different bottle production lines
  • A Salt Water Fishery in Hawaii (where conductivity technology could not survive due to the saltwater)
  • A Nuclear Facility in Wisconsin (contained eight separate water silos)
  • Rainwater harvesting tanks for two high-rise residential buildings in Minneapolis

We are not just another product, but a revolutionary technology designed for all of your water level control means.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With over 150,000 successful installations of our technology, our modular liquid level sensors guarantee trouble-free level control. These water level controls will eliminate the hassle and frustration normally associated with existing float switches, ultrasonic or other electric level controls.

See our 5 Year Limited Warranty. All our models are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – IF IT DOESN’T WORK WE WILL TAKE IT BACK – PERIOD.

The liquid level sensors we use completely eliminate the chance of injury due to electrical shock during installation or maintenance, and are Listed to UL508 Standard by ETL. There is no need for calibration unlike a great deal of our competitors because it is designed for use in water.

Made in the U.S.A.

All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A. where we monitor every step of the manufacturing process. That gives us the confidence to guarantee your satisfaction. Once you experience the accuracy and reliability of our water level sensor and control unit in the field, you’ll be convinced that their easy installation, superior performance and long-term durability compared to float switches make them the right choice for any situation. We guarantee it!

You can use our Application Matrix to find which product fits your application best.

Additional Industry Applications

Virtually any industry will have to store significant volumes of water for either their production operations or various plant management systems. Many of those industries are using seriously out-dated technology and making due with components that are expensive and difficult to maintain.

A Complete Solution

What Waterline Controls offers is a complete, simple, and reliable solid state electronic level control system, following a modular design that allows for easy maintenance, while insuring that all your components will happily work together. When you start mixing components from third party manufacturers (a float switch, extra level switch, liquid level sensor), mysterious problems have a habit of cropping up. Save yourself a huge headache, and go with the complete system that has a 100% guarantee, backed by over 20 years of experience in the field.

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