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Sump Pump Float Switch – Accurate and Reliable Level Controls and Switches

Level ControlsOur version of the sump pump float switch is designed to provide a 15-year average duty cycle with 1% failure rate. Our electronic Lift Station & sump pump float switches are reliable for long term use with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. These controls can be used on residential or commercial sumps or lift stations. We have had them installed in large commercial facilities like baseball parks and high-rise building and we have installed them on residential houses. The only different between these are the size of the pumps being controlled. Use these Controls to replace a stuck or failed float switch from a Lift Station or sump pump float switches. These systems have no moving parts except the relays in the control panels to operate the pumps. Waterline Controls unit easily integrates with SCADA using dry contacts and can be a complete and permanent replacement of the sump pump float switch.

Sump Pump Tank Cut-away Drawing

Can be used as Pump Start Stop or Alarm Start Stop Optional: can be used for both by adding another relay to the alarm.

Additional Information

Sensor assembly: Pressure Switch or float switch or WaterLine Controls Standard 3” diameter Sensor Head Assemblies which we suggest are the best possible alternative because they are physical probes that will not foul, plate or deteriorate no matter the water quality.

Controller Models

Information on sump pump switch types.