The WLC series of water level controllers have outstanding reliability, high accuracy, long-lasting stainless steel sensors that won’t degrade or foul, and no moving parts except for relays. Our line of controllers have been designed to make automatic water level controller installation simple and straightforward. They integrate easily into any BMS and can be setup quickly to suit your needs. WLC water level controls come with a five-year limited warranty and excellent tech support. We have water level controllers for all of your commercial needs, including custom controls.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers act as evaporative coolers and are highly dependent on constant water flow. Traditionally, flow was controlled using a mechanical float. That mechanical float, however, cannot inform your BMS about water levels and is prone to failure. Our WLC series solves both of these problems. Our low voltage stainless steel sensors won’t foul or degrade and work seamlessly with firmware to monitor water levels. The water level controller integrates with your existing BMS through dry contacts.

Fire Protection

When it comes to fire protection water tank level control, reliability is of the utmost importance. Our FTP model water level controls are specifically designed for protection applications. They have a less than 1% fail rate over a 15-year lifetime. The FPT model water level control integrates easily into existing remote fire panels and, with the exception of the FPT-40 alarm only model, will automatically fill tanks as needed. The stainless steel sensors, which will not plate or degrade, and our controllers have a less than 1% fail rate over a 15-year lifetime.

Well Water

It is very important that the holding tank levels on your commercial well are carefully monitored to avoid overflows, low pressure, or dry running damage. Our well water tank controls provide the accurate monitoring, low maintenance, and reliability that you need. The only mechanical part that can fail is an easily replaced relay, and the sensors won’t foul or deteriorate over time. The on/off functions of the pump are controlled, an alarm will sound if the water levels fall too low, and the system will notify you if it has lost power.

Water Tanks

If you have water tanks, you need some means of water level control. Problems are going to result if the water levels rise too high or if they fall too low. Our line of tank water level controllers offer 99% reliability with easy maintenance, easy installation, and easy integration into existing systems. The controller will control your pump functions, sound an alarm at low water levels, and let you know if it has lost power. And you can depend on the accuracy of the stainless steel sensors, which will not foul or degrade over time.

Sump Pumps

Our line of sump pump float switches are ideal for commercial sumps or lift stations. We have the solution for your, from small pump applications to high-rise building needs. Without outstanding 99% reliability, no moving parts except for relays, and sensors that won’t degrade or foul, these sump pump float switches and controllers have an average duty cycle of 15 years. In addition, the control unit will integrate seamlessly into existing SCADA and is very easy to use.

Water & Waste Water Systems

Whether you need a water level controller for wastewater treatment system in a commercial building or a residential basement, we have a controller to meet your needs. Our incredibly reliable WLC controllers are proven to have a 99% uptime over a 15-year lifecycle. They can be used to either pump up or pump down systems and are easy to integrate into existing systems. The stainless steel probes will not plate, foul, or decay, regardless of the condition of the water.

Custom Controls

If you don’t see the application you’re looking for already listed, contact us. There isn’t always an off-the-shelf solution for water control level needs. We can configure a custom system to meet your needs, based around our Waterline Core sensing technology that is proven to be reliable and accurate.


All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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