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Custom and OEM Controls

If you have a special application we can configure a unit to operate the sensors as necessary for your application. We produce our own units (PCBs) and we can make one unit per your requests.

Most of the time one of our off-the-shelf packaged control systems will be just fine for your application. As a matter of fact, we have turned some of those projects and software modifications into standard products. Every now and then though someone needs something special and that’s where we can also help. If you need a Custom Control, we can produce one for your needs around our OEM water level switch products, or our WLC series.

Custom Panels for Liquid Level Control

Waterline Controls can develop and build custom panels for any application related to water level management. We use our own technology and only our own. We have developed custom controls for large domestic water systems and fire protection custom panels to meet fire marshal specifications. All of our developments center around the Waterline Core water sensing technology because it is proven time and time again to be reliable and consistent. The designs use physical probes that do not plate, deteriorate or foul from poor water quality conditions.

Some Custom Project Examples

  • One project was for a resort in Panama. It required custom controls, PCB’s and software to operate and sequence the potable water system on a remote Island.
  • Recently, a customer needed a dual fill with a low alarm. We modified one of our current WLC Series controls to accomplish this for them with s small up-charge for the software modifications. Let us know how we can help you.
  • Another example project includes using externally mounted light towers to show the different water level points in three different tanks from anyplace in the room. At the same time these controls are operating three different valves and three different set points for an industrial process application. The sensors can be customized to fit your needs too.

We built a well water system that included seven well head connections with 4 pumps to move water out of the ground and into two different sediment tanks. Those two tanks would be the source water for the four potable water tank reserves that feed the resort. Each tank hold about twenty-five thousand gallons of water. Each of these tanks had its own sensor to activate the sediment holding tank pump to draw water from tank one first and tank two second, alternating between them at every activation so we drew water equally from both well head systems.

Since all of the inlets for these tanks were set up on one manifold we used valves to allow water to flow into the tank that was calling for water by turning the valve on associated to the sensor that activated. So if tank one called for water it would turn the pump system from the sediment tanks on and activate only the valve for tank one. If two tanks called for water it would then turn on valve two and so on until the tank reserves are filled.This whole system was also set up to communicate over the internet using WEBX Modules since the area covered with wells, pumps, and tanks was about four square miles. All those connections between the panels were completed with fiber optic cables. Then an ethernet cable was used to connect to a router for the internet connections. Those were then picked up and displayed on the facility automation system.