Standard vs. Quiet Sump Pump Check Valve
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Standard vs. Quiet Sump Pump Check Valve

It’s difficult to perceive the difference between a Standard Check Valve and a Quiet Check Valve, but it’s easy to grasp the distinction because it’s in the name. A Standard Check Valve is placed if you hear a loud noise whenever the pump stops. This noise is the check valve closing, which causes a slamming sensation as the water reverses direction in the discharge pipe after the pump stops. If you have never noticed it, you probably have a Quiet Check Valve.

Let’s take it a step further and compare the advantages of installing a Standard Check Valve with a Quiet Check Valve, which will make it easier for you to determine what is ideal for your home.

What is a standard check valve for a sump pump?

A Standard Check Valve safeguards your sump and sewage pump installations against backflow. The angled seat reduces the distance the flapper must travel from the open to closed position. When closing, significantly reduce the force with which the flapper touches the seat. The tilted seat design reduces the flapper’s travel distance, hence reducing flow reversal, noise, and possibly damaging hydraulic shock (water hammer). This, combined with corrosion-resistant non-metallic components, produces a durable and dependable valve.

The graphic below depicts the closing action of gravity. Clearly, there will be a flow reversal when the pump stops, until the poppet reaches its fully closed position.

Definition of a Quiet Sump Pump Verify Valves?

When ultra-quiet operation is necessary, a Quiet Check Valve is an excellent option. Quiet Check Valves are identical to ordinary check valves, with the addition of a spring-loaded hinged flapper mechanism that compels the flapper to fully close against fluid flow when the pump is turned off. This quick closing motion against pressure eliminates noise caused by hydraulic shock before flow reversal may occur (water hammer).

The spring-assisted closing action prevents flow reversal when the pump is turned off. The poppet moves to its fully closed position before to the complete cessation of water flow.

It boils down to individual preference

The Standard Check Valve vibrates when the pump cycles and is resistant to corrosion. Providing a longer-lasting check valve and the assurance that you can hear your sump pump operating.

The Quiet Check Valve’s spring-loaded flapper design removes noise, resulting in a silent sump pump. Providing a peaceful environment throughout the day, morning and night.

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