Float switches, also known as float level switches, are mechanical water level indicators that depend on moving parts to trigger a switch. They are a legacy approach to water level sensing with an unacceptably high failure rate due to the moving mechanical parts involved. At Waterline Controls™, we have our own vertical float switch design and a far more reliable, robust alternative to the traditional float switch.

Top Uses for Float Switches

Float switches are used in connection with sump pumps, including commercial sumps and lift stations. They are also used as water tank level sensors for applications including well water, storage water tanks, cooling towers, water & waste water systems, and fire service water tanks. Float switches have long been used to activate water level alarms and control pumps.

Traditional Float Level Switches

Traditional float switches work by opening and closing dry contacts to send electrical signals that set off a low water level alarm. Magnetic reed switches complete the circuit when the float reaches its lowest point. The magnet then disconnects once the water has reached an adequate level again, opening the circuit up. This type of float level switch has a very limited lifespan, primarily because of the mechanical parts involved. If the float level switch fails, there will be malfunctions in the system it controls. Too little water could result in inadequate water pressure and dry running of equipment — which mean expensive repairs and problematic downtime.

Magnetic Reed Vertical Float Switches

We realize that not everyone is ready to make the switch from float level switches. We have also developed our own magnetic reed vertical float switches that connect directly with our WLC Series controller. These float switches have the color coded wire as the physical probe assemblies we produce, making the installation and operation fast, accurate, and easy.

Our vertical float switches can contain multiple magnetic reed switches at various heights can be built to be any length requested. The assemblies are manufactured out of stainless steel to minimize any potential issues. In addition, our magnetic reed vertical float switches only take a few days to put together since we keep in stock all the raw materials required to assemble them.

A Modern Alternative to the Traditional Float Level Switch

The CheckPoint CP2-110 is an economical, reliable alternative to the traditional float level switch. Because of its design, there will be no moving parts in the water to wear out, and the sensor probes will not foul, plate, or deteriorate, regardless of water quality.
The CheckPoint has a sensor head that contains five-foot long stainless-steel probes to accurately detect when the water is at various levels. We designed the sensor head to go into the top of the tank or mount alongside the tank in an external static pipe.

All the connections between the power supply and the sensor are color matched to make the installation easy and fast. Waterline Controls™ easily integrates with SCADA using dry contacts. There is little or no need for calibration during the install.

The liquid level sensors we use are low-voltage and low-ampere, greatly reducing the chance of injury due to electrical shock during installation or maintenance. Most importantly, our alternative to the traditional float switch offers 99% reliability and a 15-year useful life.


If you are ready to invest to a level switch that is far more durable, accurate, and reliable with little to no maintenance required and no moving parts, then take a look at our CheckPoint CP2-110. On the other hand, if you must have a float level switch, we offer high quality, reliable magnetic reed vertical float switches that are easy to install and use. Both options will interface easily with our WLC line of controllers. Our controllers are easy to install, operate, and troubleshoot. They work extremely well for all your level switch needs, including sump pumps, water well tanks, fire protection systems, and more.


All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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