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Mechanical Float Switches – Vertical Float Level Switches & Sensors for Water Tanks

Whenever possible we always use physical probes in conductive liquids with Waterline Controls technology because the physical probes will not foul, plate or deteriorate no matter the water quality.  This eliminates the mechanical parts in the water, an inherent maintenance issue that can be completely eliminated with Waterline Controls and our physical probes.  Though we have specialized our product to be used in water, we occasionally receive requests for an electronic liquid level controller that is to be placed in an application that contains diesel or certain coolants. In these situations we recommend using electric float switches.

Regardless of what sensor technology (Float Switch or Physical Probes) is required, bringing the level indication back to a central location using Waterline Controls is the cornerstone of our business. We have developed our own magnetic reed vertical float switches that connect directly with our WLC Series controller.  These float switches have the color coded wire as the physical probe assemblies we produce, making the installation and operation fast, accurate, and easy.  Our vertical float switches can contain multiple magnetic reed switches at various heights to perform the same functions as any WLC sensor and can be built to be any length requested. Typically, we are manufacturing these vertical switch assemblies out of stainless steel materials to minimize any issues.  They only take a few days to put together since we stock all the raw materials to assemble them in a timely manner.  Call today for lead times and price quotes!

Our float level switches provide reliability and flexibility for detecting the water or liquid level within a tank, regardless of application. If preferred, we can recommend some other manufacturers tethered switches that are compatible with our WLC Controller.