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WLC8000 – Pump Down with High Level Set-point and High Water Level Alarm

WLC8000 – Pump-Down | High Level Set-point | Alarm

Complete Kit Includes:

Sensor With 50 ft. Sensor Wire* and Controller


  • Fill With High alarm
  • For sump systems in commercial buildings
  • Operates any size pump


This is simplex pump-down system with a high alarm that allows an operator to make sure the pump-down continues to operate properly and uses the high alarm as a way to communicate with an automation system or operate an audible alarm. This is a single point high alarm that turns on and off at a single set point.

Typically this is used to operate sump systems in commercial buildings no matter the pump size. The high water alarm can be wired to the BMS or similar system and to an audible or visual alarm. Fast easy to install and reliable switching.


Control has displays indicating:

  1. Power
  2. Pump
  3. High Water Level
  4. Fault indicator
  5. Test

The system has a time delay between sensing and pumping before initializing a pump or gate valve. The system has a time delay between sensing and the High Water Level Alarm before initializing the relay to activate the High Water Level Alarm. There is a switch to activate the test process and it will automatically cycle through the Pump process and High Water Level Alarm. The system has a light to indicate that it is in the test mode. The “Fault” indicator will change the power LED (green) to red when the “Pump” command.

*Custom Sensors lengths available upon request.

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