Complete Kit Includes:

Sensor With 50 ft. Sensor Wire*, Controller and Mounting Assembly

The WLC6450 is available in 2 versions:

  • WLC6450A – Fill and stop operate independently
  • WLC6450B – Fill and stop start independently, but turn off at the same time


    • Fill w/ high Alarm
    • 5-Contact point system
    • 10-wire Dry contacts to BMS for measuring:
      • Primary Fill “ON”
      • Primary Fill “OFF”
      • Secondary Fill “ON”
      • Secondary Fill “OFF”
      • Low Water Alarm
      • High Water Alarm
      • Fault conditions
    • Operates any 110VAC valve & 110VAC audible alarm (Not supplied in this kit)


This controller is a dual fill, sequencing the fill valves on. It can be set up in two different ways to turn the valves off: Turn both fill off at one single set point or sequence them off as the water moves up using two difference set points. It just so happens on the latter option the controls use the fill on for valve one as the same pet point for fill valve 2 off.

This is a ideal product for water conservation in any application where you have reclaimed water you want to use as the primary fill source and a second source (city water for example) for whenever the primary source no longer has enough water in it to meet the demand. The way it works is as long as there is water from the primary source satisfying the fill 1 on and off then the secondary source never activates. The instant the primary source depletes and does not provide water to meet the demand the water level drops to the secondary fill start (Fill Start 2) and activates that source to fill the environment. This is where the option comes in to whether or not you want to fill the environment to the full water level or if you only want to fill to the minimum level to allow the primary to activate. Which one is used is a personal preference and a matter of how much water is regenerates in the reclaimed water and how quickly that happens. We have used it many times in cooling tower applications where the operator wants to use condenser water first and city water as the second source.


The system monitors for a high water level condition, a low water level condition, Fill 1 on/off and Fill 2 On/Off.
These conditions have three outputs each which:

    1. Close a set of dry contacts for a BMS
    2. Operate a relay rated at 30AMPS for 250VAC
    3. Turn on an LED to indicate this sensor has tripped.

The Control Panel has visual displays indicating power to the level control panel, when the control panel is actively filling and the high and low water alarms. The Fill dry contacts can be used as a comparative to develop a baseline benchmark of water usage for the system.

*Custom Sensors lengths available upon request.

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