Complete Kit Includes:

Sensor With 50 ft. Sensor Wire* and Controller


    • Time delay between sensing and the Secondary High Water Level pump or gate valve, before initializing the relay, to activate the Secondary High Water Level Pump Down System
    • Time delay between sensing and the High Water Level Alarm before initializing the relay to activate the High Water Level Alarm
    • Switch to activate the test process to automatically cycle through the Pumping process, Secondary High Water Level Pump and the High Water Level Alarm


This is for a lift station or a pumping station duplex system or dual pumping system. It can be used when you want to operate one pump over another and turn them on sequentially. If pump one comes on and cannot pump down enough water then it activates pump two. If neither can keep up then the water could reach the high alarm and active that switch point.

The relays in the control panel can be used a pilot relays to operate large pumps. We have had applications with 50HP motors in some situations. This control can be passed into a system that already has the alternating duplex signaling to alternate the pumps.


System panel has displays indicating:

    1. Power
    2. Pump Down
    3. High Water Level Pump Down II
    4. High Water Level indicators
    5. Fault indicator
    6. Test system

The system has a light to indicate that it is in the test mode. The “Fault” indicator will change the power LED (green) to red when the Primary “Pump” command has been “ON” for greater than six continuous hours. After one minute it will turn back to green and the system will function normally.

*Custom Sensors lengths available upon request.

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