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WLC 6000 COLA2 – Quadplex Fill w/ High & Low Alarms

WLC 6000-COLA2 – Quadplex Fill w/  High & Low Alarms

Complete Kit Includes:

  • Dual Sensors With 50 ft. Sensor Wire each*
  • Dual-System Controller
  • Enclosed in UL508 NEMA 4x Panel Box


  • Redundant Design for Safety
  • 12-wire Dry contacts to BMS with Redundant Systems for measuring:
    • Fill Level 1
    • Fill Level 2
    • Fill Level 3
    • Fill Level 4
    • Low Water Alarm
    • High Water Alarm
    • Fault conditions
  • Operates any 110VAC valve & 110VAC audible alarm (alarm not supplied in this kit – see options section)


Working with City and municipal Fire Marshalls we have created a Fire Protection water level control system with four valves to operate sequential on and off. Each valve has its own set of sensor rods to turn off and turn on those individual valves. What we have done is put Two WLC-6000 controls together into one panel and brought all the connections into a single terminal block to make the connections easy and clear for the installers. We will cut the sensor rods to the required lengths needed for each project. We supply a 4″ fitting for the top of the tank that allows for adjustment of the sensor inside the fitting. The 3″ fitting that the sensor fits into goes directly into this fitting with the adjustment sleeve.

There are electrical connections for the fire panel and to allow for the direct operation of the valves.

Cola 2 Controller


There are three outputs which:

  1. Close a set of dry contacts for a BMS
  2. Operate a relay rated at 30AMPS for 250VAC
  3. Turn on an LED to indicate this sensor has tripped.

The Fill dry contacts can be used as a comparative to develop a baseline benchmark of water usage for the system.

*Custom Sensors lengths available upon request.

This model is available through Starfire USA and Daybreak Technologies in California.