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HVAC Installation Accidents

HVAC Installation Accidents

Injury From Electrical Shock During HVAC Service

A man fell while working on an HVAC unit in Wilmington, Delaware inside a building on 1201 North Orange Street shortly after 3 p.m., after what appeared to be an electrical shock, according to reporting by David Chang at local NBC10 News. The worker was found hanging from a ladder, apparently convulsing. While attempting to rescue him, the ladder was knocked over and he fell to the floor.

Apartment Under Construction Burns Due To Faulty HVAC

New Albany, Kentucky’s $26.5 million Breakwater luxury apartment complex received major damage from a fire on Friday, Feb. 24. According to the New Albany Fire Department, as reported at WDRB.com on March 2nd, they have now determined that the fire was caused by a layer of insulation around a copper line catching fire by an errant torch being operated by an hVAC installer. He initially attempted to put the fire out himself and thought he had succeeded. The fire continued to smolder and was noticed the next morning, nearly 15 hours later, by a neighbor. Most of the building will probably have to be destroyed before construction can begin again. Sadly, the building was still in the early stages of construction and a fire sprinkler system was not yet installed.