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Warrick Controls Compared to Waterline Controls Water Level Sensors

Warrick Controls Compared to Waterline Controls Water Level Sensors

Warrick Controls Compared to Waterline Controls Water Level Sensors

Waterline Controls stands apart from Warrick Controls’ liquid level switches in several key areas, but the most important is that Waterline Controls does not use conductivity technology to operate its sensor system. Warrick Controls makes a few different brands that we recognize, but mainly it’s Warrick Controls. Warrick Controls is the pioneer of conductivity between probes controls in this market place.  They provide different conductivity level control modules of many different types of liquid environments. You will need to be technically savvy to pick the right control PCB and the right sensor for it to work for the long term. While, WaterLine Controls provides complete kits of engineered products for the applications it sells, which included but not limited to Boiler Installations, Cooling Towers, and sump controls (Pump up and Pump Down Controls), Waterline Controls does not use conductivity between probes as its sensing method and so the probes do not deteriorate, plate or foul from poor water quality, like a Warrick Control could.

Read more about conductivity probes to compare our key points and see what makes us unique. Never replace a level controller again!

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