Building Automation Systems – Water Level Sensors

Waterline Controls™ is a revolutionary technology that electronically brings the water levels and switching points of all wet applications in a commercial or industrial setting back to the Building Automation System (BAS), also called the Building Management System (BMS). Many other water level controllers either do not have BAS connection capability, or require 3rd party hardware to interface. If a facility has multiple types of hardware connected to various applications, the facility’s workers must understand how to install, evaluate, and repair each type of hardware. Our product makes the facility operator’s job easier because it is a single, complete technology for all applications that has a proven track record for reliability and consistency. Each application is connected through a single direction dry contact, meaning that the system as a whole is less complicated and longer lasting. In addition to dry contacts for the BAS, the WLC Series uses intuitive status LEDs for each application to tell the operator when a switch is active and inactive. The Points List of the BAS (includes but is not limited to BACnet, LonWorks and Omnibus) depends on the standard model WLC unit, and can consist of a high alarm, low alarm, fill start, fill stop, power loss/sensor bridging or fault.

BACnet Integration

Though we have developed this unique and simple BAS system using dry contacts and an easy to read LED display right on the controller, we have received requests to incorporate BACnet technology. Never ignoring our customer’s requests, Waterline Controls™ has been hard at work adapting our water level controllers to support BACnet capabilities, and we are excited to say that our development of a BACnet connection with third party hardware is nearly complete. It is currently in the final stages of refinement, and soon it will be ready to be used in the field.

Water Conservation

Waterline Controls™ not only focuses on simplifying the Building Automation System for the worker’s ease, but also to improve the facility’s water usage. For cooling towers, some chemical treatment companies use a “bleed and feed” method to drain water as they add chemical. This costs water and, in some cases, unnecessary chemical use. Our system ensures that this does not happen. This forces them to wait until it cycles properly, ensuring more water, chemicals, and money is saved. There is no argument that an automated system is better at maintaining water level than an individual that has to constantly monitor. We improve these systems with sensor probes accurate up to 0.125 inches. The sensors can contain high and low alarms to help ensure limited water loss due to overflowing and help protect equipment in low water conditions. Some states have made recent changes to ensure minimal water loss by requiring equipment similar to ours. Other state utilities are offering rebates for facilities that apply our product.  We have products in the mix that will use reclaimed water first and city or potable water as the secondary source.  Call us today to find out more information.


All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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