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Safety Alert from Waterline Controls

Safety Alert from Waterline Controls

Safety First!

Recently, we have been receiving alarming reports from technicians in the field about experiencing potentially life-threatening electrical shocks when performing routine maintenance or replacement of water level controllers that are made by our competitors.

Although we are not surprised by these reports, we wanted to take this opportunity to warn everyone of the potential dangers of working with “old style” electric (non-electronic) probes in a wet environment.

Why is this happening?

ALL of our competitors use “old style” electric sensing systems to measure water levels. These electric sensing systems use HIGH Power/HIGH Current (as high as 110 Volts) which passes through the water between the electrodes. Placing your hands near or on these electric sensors can potentially cause very severe electric shock.

Waterline Controls uses only electronic sensing systems to measure water levels. These electronic sensing systems use LOW Power/LOW Current micro voltage (less than 1.5 volts and 25 millionths of an amp). Placing your hands near these electronic sensors are completely SAFE.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Customers

To ensure a SAFE working environment, ALWAYS look for the UL or ETL “Listed” Mark on all completed controlassemblies. This ensures that these systems have been independently tested and approved for their intended use.

ETL Listed

NONE of our competitors’ products have been tested and approved by UL or ETL.
ALL of Waterline Controls’ products have been tested and approved by ETL and contain the ETL “Listed” Mark on all systems.

And, to ensure continued compliance with UL-508 Standards, inspectors from ETL visit Waterline Controls once every calendar quarter to inspect and test all products being manufactured.

When in doubt about a product’s adherence to UL standards, you can always go to:

…to conduct a product search (by brand name) to see if the manufacturer’s components and systems have been tested and approved to meet UL Standards.

When you conduct an ETL search for Waterline Controls (search: “System Dynamics” company name), you’ll find this:

Waterline Controls' ETL Listing