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Intrinsically Safe Controls

Intrinsically Safe Controls

Intrinsically Safe Defines Waterline Controls

WaterLine Controls may look like conductivity style sensors but it does not work in the same manner. We use software to control the liquid leveling controls sensing system. That software system looks at the individual water sensors and identifies them as they move in and out of the water, operating the software functionality accordingly. As a result, the sensor tips never foul, deteriorate, discolor or pit. Water quality is not a problem for WaterLine Controls.

To be intrinsically safe means it has no potential for electrical sparks or shock in any environment especially hazardous locations.  The Waterline Controls Liquid level sensing uses a low power and current to develop the water sensing method. High-power circuits such as electric motors in Lead-Lag contactor lift station applications cannot use intrinsic safety methods for protection. This low voltage isolation sensing insure the user safety in any wet environment.