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External Static Pipe

Electric level controller and sensor design allows for user serviceable parts in the field. This eliminates the need to replace water level controls

Custom Water Level Systems

The categories listed below are but a few of the ways our water level controllers can be used. Virtually any industry will have to store significant volumes of water...

Intrinsically Safe Sensors

To be intrinsically safe means it has no potential for electrical sparks or shock in any environment especially hazardous locations. The Waterline Controls Liquid level sensing uses a low power and current to develop the water sensing method.

Cooling Tower

Cooling Towers In HVAC environments towers are typically used to remove heat from a chiller: Hot water from the chiller is sent to the top of the cooling tower where it is released into the tower. The water is sprayed down to the basin or through a heat exchange.

Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is an evaporative heat extraction/rejection device. Usually the transfer uses water to move the heat out, which has been heated by an air-conditioning condenser or some type of industrial process. The term ‘cooling tower’ describes both open circuit (direct) and closed circuit (indirect) cooling equipment

Water Tank Level Control

These are two different but very similar designs. The lift station is specifically designed for the pumping of waste or sewage material to a higher elevation. The Pump Station is designed to raise water, not sewage, to a higher elevation...they are not interchangeable

Intrinsically Safe Sensors

Recently, we have been receiving alarming reports from technicians in the field about experiencing potentially life-threatening electrical shocks when performing routine maintenance or replacement of "old style" electric (non-electronic) probes that are made by our competitors.

Break Tanks

A Break Tank is a non-pressurized, closed water tank, with an air gap to ensure zero backflow. It interrupts or ‘breaks’ the connection to the water source. According to The National Fire Protection Association...

Cola 2 Controller

Fire Protection Break Tank Water Level Control Systems Advanced Compliance for Fire Marshall Specifications. We make customized systems to the requirements of local Fire Marshalls with...

Altitude ValveAltitude Valves An Altitude Valve is a mechanically operated control that relies on a differential of pressure between inlet and outlet to assume a level of water, and control its flow when the supply pressure becomes much higher than the head developed by the full reservoir or storage tank. Frequently used in supplying water in [...]