Specific models designed for specific trouble-free applications:

We take great pride in supporting our customers who own and use our products on a daily basis. We have a documented failure rate that is less than 1% over the last twenty years of making water level controls. As part of our commitment to excellence in superior product support and customer service whenever you have an issue and need to replace a failed component under warranty we ship it Next Day Air at our expense. We understand that Waterline Controls™ units are in mission critical environments and need to perform day in and day out. 99% of the time Waterline Controls™ products perform flawlessly and that is why we can offer this type of service to the Contractor and the Facility Manager.

When the product is out of the “free parts” section of the Warranty (after the first year) we do our best to help you get those parts in a timely manner by having real people answer the phone to take your call and address your issues and concerns.

So we hope you join the many users who have switched to Waterline Controls™ for peace of mind about their water level management environments.

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We’ve been designing and building electronic water level controllers since 1985. During that time, we’ve sold and supported more than 100,000 water level control units.

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All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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