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Vanstone Flange

Vanstone Flange

We make 2-1/2″ Vanstone flange sensors that are direct replacements for Evapco Cooling tower level controls.  We can use any size vanstone flange to build a sensor into without any issues.  Let us know what you need for your application and we can help you get the right parts.  You can use this sensor appendix to get the correct length sensor tips needed.

Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram

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We use Vanstone flanges whenever it is requested by the customer. It is usually in older existing installations. We use rod extension kits so these rods can be made into any length needed for the application. These allow for the extension and then addition of other extensions to them.

PART NUMBERS for Sensor Tip Extensions

(extensions come with both ends threaded allowing for additional rods to be added as needed)

All Sensor rods are 45.5 inches long.

  • EXT3- Three rods colored Black, White & Red
  • EXT4 – Four rods colored Black, Brown, White, & Red
  • EXT4A – Four rods colored Black, White, Red & Green
  • EXT5- Five rods colored Black, Brown, White, Red & Green
  • EXT6 -Six rods colored Black, Blue, Brown, White, Red & Green

The colors match the colors of the rods in the sensor head and each color corresponds to a specific switch in the controls depending on which one you have.

Each sensor tip comes with the part necessary to assemble them together to the Sensor head.