All the Sensors we produce are Intrinsically Safe.
Print the PDF below and submit it with your request.

For most applications we typically use a 3″ sensor head which fits into any 3″ Slip Style fitting.  Regardless of which controls are used this sensor will hold all the sensor tips for all the models.  The sensor tip lengths are standard lengths but can be modified as needed for your application by submitting this sensor appendix with your request for quote or your order.  We make several different types of sensor heads for your application.  Put two or more EXT kits together to get even deeper into the environment.  The Sensor can be cut in the field as needed to fit your application.

All Sensor rods are 45.5 inches long.

PART NUMBERS for Sensor Tip Extensions

(extensions come with both ends threaded allowing for additional rods to be added as needed)

  • EXT3- Three rods colored Black, White & Red
  • EXT4 – Four rods colored Black, Brown, White, & Red
  • EXT4A – Four rods colored Black, White, Red & Green
  • EXT5- Five rods colored Black, Brown, White, Red & Green
  • EXT6 -Six rods colored Black, Blue, Brown, White, Red & Green

The colors match the colors of the rods in the sensor head and each color corresponds to a specific switch in the controls depending on which one you have.

Each sensor tip comes with the part necessary to assemble them together to the Sensor head. These sensors can be cut to length in the field.

PART NUMBERS for Sensor Tips

e.g. WLC-5000-110-EXT3  Is a 110 Volt 5000 Controller with an external static pipe sensor, 3 rod kit and a 50 ft wire lead on the sensor.


All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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