Most of the time one of our off-the-shelf packaged control systems will be suitable for your application. Sometimes our customers need something special that doesn’t have an of-the-shelf solution — and that’s where we can also help. Waterline Controls™ can develop and build custom panels for any application related to water level management. We use our own technology and only our own.

How Do I Know If I Need a Custom Control?

Most of the custom controls we make are for situations where the customer needs more function switches than our systems make available or they need adjustable automated functions. In other instances, customers need to deploy an ultrasonic or pressure transducer in a complete control system. Others may need to deploy a dual technology system. This may be for increased resolution of water level, more adjustable controls, or added reliability. Some customers need radio frequency sensors or a special type of control. Whatever the need, we can help you develop a solution.

Examples of Past Custom Controls

We have done many different custom controls throughout the years. Some of those we have turned into standard products. There are custom projects that are so unique that we don’t get many calls for them. What follows are some examples of custom control projects we have developed.

Sequencing Potable Water Systems

One of our custom projects was designed for a resort in Panama. This system needed custom controls, PCBs, and software to sequence the potable water system on a remote island.

Temperature Differential Based Controls for Fire Suppression System

Sometimes water level control is based on a temperature differential, not a water level differential. Using a Waterline Controls™ PLC based temperature differential driven system, one of our customers was able to automatically circulate warm water into cool tanks until the temperature reached the desired level. This design provided extra safety for his fire protection system by maintaining the water at optimal temperatures for fire suppression. It also saved him time because he no longer had to manage this process manually.

Radio to Radio Communication Link for Critical Water Supply

What do you do when the distance between a critical 950,000 gallon water tank / water sensors and the pumps controlling the water level is so great that running a cable isn’t practical? Waterline Controls™ was able to link both ends of the control system for this customer (a city in the southwest) using a 900Mhz radio system. We included extra redundancies and remote alarms in the system because of the critical nature of operation. This custom solution saved the customer time and money while automating control over a critical city water supply system.

US Navy Water-based Painting Station

This project deployed two custom automated control panels to control water levels in 24 water basins. We included dual sensors for added system reliability. The second sensor delivered additional alarms in the overflow area outside the water reservoir and also visual strobe alarms for system overflow. The components were incorporated into large stainless steel NEMA 4x rated panels for outdoor use.

Radio Frequency Sensors

One of our custom projects was for a chicken processing plant. They needed to add 10 PLCs dual fill control with radio frequency sensors into the water processes for their plant. Using radio frequency sensors, we designed an automated control system to automatically fill a tank and provide a manual override of the automated controls.

Complex Well Water System for a Resort

For one customer we built a well water system that included seven wellhead connections. This included four pumps to move water out of the ground and into two different sediment tanks. The sediment tanks would be the source water for the four potable water tank reserves that fed the resort. Each tank held about 25,000 gallons of water and had to have its own sensor to activate the sediment holding tank pump. The controls had to be set up to draw water from tank one first and tank two second. It had to alternate between them at every activation so water would be drawn equally from both wellhead systems. Since the inlets for these tanks were set up on one manifold, we used valves to allow water to flow into the tank that was calling for water. The whole system was also set up to communicate over the internet using WEBX Modules. This was necessary since the area covered with wells, pumps, and tanks was about four square miles. All those connections between the panels used fiber optic cables, and then an ethernet cable was used to connect to a router for the internet connections. The necessary data was then displayed on the facility automation system.

Mounted Light Towers to Show Water Levels

Another custom project we developed for a customer used externally mounted light towers to show various water level points in three different tanks — visible from anyplace in the room. As if that wasn’t complex enough, these same controls were operating three different valves and three different set points for an industrial process application.

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