Cooling towers continue to be first to look at when after outbreaks of Legionella. With increases in contaminated source water, outbreaks continue, however. Continue reading 

Water Conservation and Cooling Tower News

Water quality is becoming an issue in many rural areas in California and Tucson also… Continue reading 

Legionnaires’ Disease Rates Rise as Outbreak Reports Continue

Scientific community remains in the dark as to the cause of the rising rate of infections in the Unites States… Continue reading 

Lack Of Sprinkler System Increases Injury And Death

On Friday, July 14, 2017, a high-rise building fire in Honolulu, Hawaii, spread from one unit to additional units and threated engulfing the entire building after a fire broke out in one unit on the 26th floor of an apartment building. At least 3 casualties and over a dozen injuries Continue reading 

HVAC Installation Accidents – Injury From Electrical Shock During HVAC Service

A man fell while working on an HVAC unit in Wilmington, Delaware inside a building on 1201 North Orange Street shortly after 3 p.m., after what appeared to be an… Continue reading 

HVAC and Cooling Tower News Updates

Latest Industry News

Advancements in Cooling Tower Construction Improves Pre-Assembled Types in Design, Materials and Efficiency

Prefabricated cooling towers have not generally been the design of choice in the past. Today, replacing an old… Continue reading 

Cooling Tower Utility Rebate Program.

Waterline Controls™ is actively working to help set up rebate / incentive programs to help save water, and therefore money and natural resources. By helping local businesses set up accurate water level control systems less… Continue reading 

Waterline Controls™ to Exibit at WEFTEC 2015

Waterline Controls™ invites you to visit us at WEFTEC 2015, the Water Environment Federation’s 88th Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference… Continue reading 

Fountain Water Level Control and Sensors That Last

We offer Fountain controls and sensors | Worry free and automatic, reliable, affordable advanced, non-corroding electronic sensors and software controllers… Continue reading 

Choosing the Right Water Level Sensor

Very basically, a water level sensor detects the level of water in a container. Our water level systems use Electronic Sensors for determining the volume of water in a tank. They can replace old… Continue reading 


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