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*BAC is a registered trademark of Baltimore Aircoil Company. Evapco is a registered trademark of Evapco, Inc. Advanced Modular Design – saves you money by easily replacing individual parts instead of replacing the entire unit. Dry-contact Digital Circuitry – Makes it easy to integrate with existing building automation systems. Avoid Wet Environment – If you desire, the control unit can be mounted in the equipment room (within 1000 ft of tower) with only the low voltage sensor wire in metal conduit exposed to the wet environment of the cooling tower for extended service life. Easy to Install – Retrofit or new construction it saves time and labor costs with a quick-connect design (should install in less than 1 hour)LED Indicator Lights – makes it easy to quickly view the current status of all functions. Listed Product – WaterLine Controls™ has a (UL or ETL) Listed Product under UL508 for water level controls.

“Press to Test” feature – one push of a button starts a complete validation cycle to ensure all systems are working properly. Reliably Accurate – compensates for wave action and manages water levels to within 1/8″ of operating range Built to Last – minimum 15 year average duty cycle with 1% failure rate Warranty – 5 Year Limited Warranty on all major componentsSuperior Tech Support – No run around No Guessing no stupid answers – you can talk directly with the person who’s been designing & installing electronic water level controllers for more than 20 years it the Waterline Control Series. Save Money – our advanced electronic units are almost HALF THE PRICE of other name brand units because we manufacture all the critical component parts ourselves. AND, our units will outlive any other brand by many years (up to 2 million relay operations without a failure).

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All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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