At Waterline Controls™, we understand the challenges faced in industry when it comes to the responsible use of water, especially when there are millions or billions of gallons involved. That’s why we were happy to see the innovative solution created… Continue reading 

Cooling Towers & Water Conservation

At Waterline Controls™ we are always pleased to hear about progress being made in green technology and environmental conservation. That’s why we wanted to share the great news about Infinite Cooling’s first-place win at the Houston-based Rice Business Plan Competition.… Continue reading 

Additional Measure Continue to be Looked at to Combat Legionnaires’ Disease

NSF P453. Under typical operating conditions, cooling towers can propagate Legionella. Combining chillers and plastic surface cooling towers with added anti-microbial options can significantly reduce the infection risk. Continue reading 

Austin, Texas Cooling Tower Registration and Update Deadline Nearing

Austin, TX deadline of Dec. 31, 2017 for registration of all Cooling Towers in the city is getting close. Waterline Controls™ systems can get you compliant. Continue reading 

Cooling Tower News Updates

100s Of Cooling Towers Examined After Melbourne Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak In March That Had Six Confirmed Cases

Cleaning of large amounts of cooling towers in Melbourne Australia were undertaken after Victoria’s Department of Health and Human… Continue reading 

Is Your Cooling Tower as Safe as You Think?

Legionnaire’s Disease

Legionella bacteria, the source of Legionnaire’s Disease, has been repeatedly found in inspections of cooling towers after outbreaks. Many areas are turning to tighter… Continue reading 

Cooling Towers found with Legionnaire’s Disease in New York

New York City has announced that 2 more people have died from Legionnaire’s disease, bringing the casualty total to 10 so far, of the one hundred people infected in the South… Continue reading 

Identifying Water in Transit in Cooling Towers

While our system is simple to use and install, some theories and terms can be good to review before proceeding. With this in mind, let’s talk about the ‘hidden’ water in a typical… Continue reading 

California Cooling Towers Now Need Overflow Alarms

On July 1st, 2014, California Building Energy Efficiency Standard’s most recent revision went into effect. One of the adjustments from the 2008 standard that was implemented was “increasing cooling tower energy efficiency and… Continue reading 


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