Bill at workAfter more than 20 years revolutionizing the recreational water industry with our low-maintenance water level controls and supremely accurate liquid level sensors and level switches, Waterline Controls™ is now applying its design knowledge, manufacturing experience and customer service expertise to the electronic level switch for commercial and industrial applications where water level management is critical. Bill Seneff, our President, CEO and Founder is the driving force behind Waterline Controls™ for the past nine years.  Bill started working on the product development for Waterline Controls™ in 2008 after finishing his twenty year career in the recreational water industry where he sold his previous commercialized product developments during a manufacturing consolidation in that marketplace.

Bill enjoys answering the phones here at Waterline Controls™ to make sure the products are working the way the customer needs them to and the way they were designed to function.  So don’t be surprised if you talk to him directly when you call.  While Waterline Controls™ is a small business, Bill has a staff in the background that do assembly and all the administrative work here so don’t think it is a one man show, just know, if you talk to him, you are getting personal attention from the person with a lot of product knowledge who developed the concepts and commercialized them.

Our control unit comes as a kit with an electronic water level controller, sensor and the mounting assemblies to move away from using mechanical float switches completely in those situations where it is possible. This will help move towards eliminating all the issues inherent with float switches. Call us today to customize our systems to fit your specific needs.

Our Company

Custom ServicesWaterLine Controls™ is, first, an end-to-end engineering firm. We have designed, built and supported products in a variety of industries. In the early 80s WaterLine Controls™ saw an opportunity in the swimming pool industry: the standard for water levelers was a toilet bowl float attached to a high pressure line under the decking. Plus, electronic levelers were coming and going; most largely unreliable and expensive.

WaterLine Controls™ introduced its first line of electronic water level controllers in 1985, many of which are still in the field. Twenty-three years later, Waterline Controls™ goal is still the same: to design, build and support the best electronic water level controllers in the world. We sold our Recreational Water Level controls business to Jandy Pool Products, Inc in 2007 and went to work on the Industrial version. We developed a new enclosure which was completed in May 2008.  We have tested our controls for 150,000 sequencing cycles to make sure it is going to have at least a fifteen year duty cycle.

Here’s what the best means to us: RELIABLE

We understood from the beginning that even a handful of warranty calls would lose us customers. So we engineered what we believe is a “bullet-proof” design: no moving parts. And, we’re committed to continuous improvement. The result: average duty cycle of 15 years with a 1% failure rate.

Easy to install

Our controllers are easy to install. If necessary, we’ll hold your installer’s hand the first time.

Hassle-free relationship

With over 150,000 successful installations using our technology we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, whatever it takes. When you call, a human answers the phone. When you call with a technical question, you won’t just get an answer—you’ll get the right answer. If one of our units fails, return it and we’ll fix or replace it, for the life of the product.

Smart Design

 We also understood our products need to work. Not just in most applications, but in ALL applications. Not just handling most water management issues, but handling ALL water management issues.

Our Products

The WLC Series may look like the competition but the unit is revolutionary in its design.  The WLC Series is perfect in any application where water level management is important such as cooling tower basins, Fire protection holding tanks, Boiler installations, Lift Stations, Lead-Lag applications for potable water or wastewater and water holding tanks. It uses a microprocessor to monitor all probes for correct operation and then provides the corresponding outputs to drive the power relays, the Building Management System and a visual indication of the operational status. The Modular construction and a self-test feature insure user-friendly operation. By using a very low voltage and current, WLC Series sensors never foul or degrade. So when we say “Never Replace A Water Level Controller Again” we mean it!

Waterline Controls™ electronic water level controllers guarantee trouble-free water level management. These units help eliminate the hassle and frustration normally associated with existing electric water level controllers and other systems the use float switches. And, all of our models are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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