A Liquid Level Sensor & Controls Comparison

Waterline Controls™ is not alone in offering a solution as a water & liquid level sensor. When we moved from the residential market to the commercial and industrial market, there were many different solutions available to maintain the water level in various applications. These solutions ranged from standard toilet bowl floats to electronic sensors including conductive, capacitive, and ultrasound sensors. After analyzing these available products, it was decided that the solutions offered were not good enough and in one case potentially unsafe. This is because the barrier to enter this market is lower than expected and the products available offered temporary fixes, sometimes at an unfair cost. The average duty cycle for some units were also shorter than expected, with a 3 years being a satisfactory standard. The various technologies were effective in their own way in water level control, but had unique issues. With this information in mind, we stepped forward with a product that solved the existing problems for the technicians and the users.

While other companies remain satisfied with their water level control technologies, Waterline Controls™ continues to pioneer a specialized technology to perfect water level control. By customizing our units with features that are unique to our customers, we solve problems that other technologies cannot. Waterline Controls™ steps out of the box by providing a complete kit with all the pieces and parts necessary to automate your level control needs, while providing you a safe product tested by an nationally known independent testing laboratory. We provide a sensor, controller, and building management connections for every water application in a commercial or industrial facility. These kits come with a 5 year limited warranty, and have a duty cycle FIVE times greater than some of our competitors. We would like to show you what makes us different. We have thoroughly analyzed our competitors products and understand them. Compare us with the other technologies. Click on any of the links to the right to see an evaluation of the different technologies commercially available.


All of our liquid level controls and liquid level sensors are assembled right here in the U.S.A.
where we monitor every step of the process.


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