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An Electronic Water Controller Again!


Specific models designed for specific trouble-free applications:

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We’ve been designing and building electronic water level controllers since 1985. During that time, we’ve sold and supported more than 100,000 units.

  • – Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • – Storm Water Storage Tanks WLC-9100
  • – Water System Surge Tanks WLC 7000, 9000, 9100
  • – Sewage Water Systems WLC-9100
  • – Well Water Holding Tanks WCL-2000
  • – Cooling Tower Water level Control WCL-2000 thru WLC-6000
  • – Irrigation Lake Controls WLC-2000 thru WLC-7000
  • – Boiler Water Level
  • – Water Storage Tanks for Building Fire System WLC-3000
  • – Other Non-Recreational Water Management Applications


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