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SWS4000 – Fill w/ High Alarm

SWS4000 – Fill w/ High Alarm

Complete Kit Includes:

  • Sensor With 50 ft. Sensor Wire*
  • Controller


  • Fill w/ High Alarm
  • 2-contact point system
  • 6-wire Dry contacts to BAS for measuring:
    • Fill “ON” time
    • High Water Alarm
    • Fault conditions.
  • Operates any 110VAC valve and/or 110VAC audible alarm (Not supplied in this kit, see option section)


This is a fill with a high alarm model. The fill switch can be wired to a valve connected to city water. The High alarm can either be wired into a second valve that opens to drain water from the basin that manages to waste, or it can be set to a visual or audible alarm, and finally it could be wired in series with the fill relay to a second relay that is Normally Closed so it opens the contacts to remove power and turn off the valve. This two relay switch is a way to set up redundant switching for overflow protection caused by an electrical or mechanical malfunction of the first relay.


The system has three output which will:

  1. Close a set of dry contacts for the BAS
  2. Operate a relay rated at 30AMPS for 250VAC
  3. Turn on an LED to indicate this sensor has tripped

The Fill dry contacts can be used as a comparative to develop a baseline benchmark of water usage for the system.

*Custom Sensors lengths available upon request.

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