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WLC-6000-Liquid level Fill/W High and Low Alarms and Low-Low Heater Cut Off

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WLC-6000 - Fill w/ High & Low Alarms and a Low-Low Basin Heater Cut-off - Electronic Water Level Control | Complete Kit Includes Sensor With 50 ft. Sensor Wire, Controller, and Mounting Assembly | Fill w/ High & Low Alarm and Low-Low Basin Heater Cut-off| FOUR-CONTACT POINT SYSTEM | Custom Sensors lengths and wire lengths available upon request | 10-wire Dry contacts to BMS for measuring Fill “ON” time, High Water Alarm and fault conditions.- liquid level fill w high and low alarm & heater cut off.

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WaterLine Controls™ WLC-6000 Specification – Set Points for: Fill With High and Low alarm and Low-Low Heater Cut-Off

The Model WLC-6000-110-50 (This is a sensor wire length of 50 Feet) Waterline Controls Unit manufactured by System Dynamics, Inc (888-905-1892) and supplied by System Dynamics, Inc (888-905-1892) shall be supplied as a unit, including sensor with wire, controller and mounting assembly parts. A properly sized slow closing solenoid valve shall be supplied by others. The level control system shall consist of solid-state parts with non-corrosive components and is suitable for use outdoors in an industrial application or indoors in a mechanical room environment. The level control system will provide automation monitoring outputs, fine control, ease of operation, ease of service and accessibility. The Control Panel shall come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which can be copied from: and submitted.

The cooling tower water level control system shall be automatically controlled within a 1-1/2” range identified as “the operating range” (this range can be changed by a custom ordered probe). The level control system shall also monitor for a high water level condition, a low water level condition and a Low-Low Level condition for Heater Cut-Off. These conditions have three outputs each which are: 1. Close a set of dry contacts for the BMS, 2 - operate a relay rated at 30AMPS for 250VAC and 3 - turn on an LED to indicate this sensor has tripped. The Fill dry contacts can be used as a comparative to develop a baseline benchmark of water usage for the system. There shall be a fourth set point that activates when the water falls to a lower set point than the low alarm. When this fourth set point activates it shall remove power from the Heater in the basin by opening a normally closed relay, close a set of dry contacts and turn on a red LED.

The water level control system shall be comprised of a sensor mounted inside a 3” sensor housing with wire attached that is suitable to be placed in a wet environment and installed at the water level. A separate control panel, which is to be mounted outside of the wet environment within a distance of less than 50 feet (1,000 feet is the maximum length of a sensor wire that can be supplied). A solenoid valve supplied by others and installed in-line to provide make-up water.

The 3” sensor housing shall be installed according to the drawings. As a safety feature and to prevent sensor tip deterioration, all of the sensing tips shall carry no more than 1.00 Amps and 10 Volts at any time and shall be inherently isolated from the possibility of any power higher than these maximums. The sensor head shall be mounted inside the catch basin area at the water level in a safe and convenient location according to the drawings using the “U” bolts and mounting bracket provided. The sensor head and its assembly will consist of 3 inch PVC pipe, six pre-cut ¼” round stainless steel probes. The adjustment of the sensing system shall be accomplished by moving the 3” PVC mounting sleeve up or down in its mounting bracket and “U” bolt. The 3” sleeve will have three holes: two holes near the top of the pipe to allow air to move through the pipe and a third hole centered in the middle of the operating range to be used as the water level reference point for an accurate water level.

The Control Panel must be certified by an independent third party testing facility (e.g., UL or ETL) to meet Standard UL508 or equivalent for the country in which it is installed. The level control panel shall draw no more than 0.25AMPS at 110VAC or 0.125 Amps at 220VAC. All power relays shall be rated at 30Amps at 250VAC for the normally open relays and 20Amps at 250VAC for all the normally closed relays. All four level outputs shall have a corresponding set of normally open dry contacts rated at 0.5Amps at 60Volts to be connected to an automation system.

The Control Panel shall have visual displays indicating power to the level control panel, when the control panel is actively filling, high and low water alarms and when the control panel has disengaged the heater in the catch basin. The control panel shall have a self-test button which cycles through and turns on each function in sequence for at least 10 seconds to allow for trouble-shooting as needed. This trouble-shooting feature shall operate without removing wires or disconnecting the sensing probes. This feature will be automatic and activated by pushing a button. There shall be an indicator (a Yellow LED) to indicate that this feature is operating. The Control Panel shall have an indicator which tells the operator when there is debris fouling the probes. The Control Panel shall have an automatic reset system if the fill valve stays on for longer than six hours without turning off. It shall have a corresponding set of dry contacts that alerts (Closing a dry contact) the automation system.

The Control Panel shall be of modular construction such that relays that control the above features can be removed and replaced without replacing the PCB or transformer.

The Solenoid valve shall be brass and sized according to the drawings and shall be normally closed, 110VAC at 0.9Amps at a peak and supplied by others.