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Commercial Pools and Fountains

Automatic Pool & Fountain Filler Valve

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 Commercial Pool and Fountain Controllers

Water FountainThe idea behind these types of environments is recreational. And the equipment is intended to be hidden from the view of the users or onlooker so as to not take away from the experience. That experience is intended to be pleasing to the eye and happiness. With that thought in mind, we recommend an external stilling well either in a raised planter, parapet wall or ran back into the equipment room as long as it is on a similar elevation. This static well will provide a reflected level of the environment and remove the sensing probe from sight.

Waterline controls is designed to operate 110VAC solenoid valves and connect into a larger control panel to let the pool or fountain operator know what the water level controls are doing. As a designer Waterline Controls offers all the features and functions out of the line of sight making the experience of watching a fountain or swimming in a pool the best it can be.


  • Commercial Swimming Pools & Fountains
  • Designed for both initial installation and replacement of any brand
  • Software customized for special situations

Control Information

Enclosure: 8-3/4” X 10-1/2” X 6” including the hinge and the latch. For indoor and outdoor use.

Sensor assembly: 3” diameter and 20” long.

Electrical: Controls operate at 0.5AMPS at 110VAC Internal Relay Contacts rated 30AMPS at 250Volts Dry Contacts for BMS are rated 0.5AMPS at 60Volts

The Sensor is Intrinsically Safe.

Category Products


  • Fill w/ High Alarm
  • 3-Contact point system
  • 8-wire Dry contacts to BMS for measuring:
    • Fill “ON” time
    • Low Water Alarm
    • High Water Alarm
    • Fault conditions
WLC Water Level Controller


  • Fill w/ Low Alarm
  • 2-Contact point system
  • 6-wire Dry contacts to BMS for measuring:
    • Fill "ON" time
    • Low Water Alarm
    • Fault conditions
WLC4000 Water Level Controller


  • Fill w/ High Alarm
  • 2-contact point system
  • 6-wire Dry contacts to BAS for measuring:
    • Fill “ON” time
    • High Water Alarm
    • Fault conditions.
WLC3000 Water Level Controller


  • Fill only
  • Single contact point
  • Custom Sensors lengths available upon request
  • 4-wire Dry contacts to Building Management System for measuring fill "ON" time and fault conditions
  • Directly Operates any 110VAC valve. (Not supplied in this kit - see options section)