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NEVER REPLACE An Electronic Level Controller or Float Again!

Customizable Water and Liquid Level Sensors

Waterline Controls has been specializing in the control systems for just about every sort of water storage for over 20 years. That expertise has determined, to a great degree, the equipment we make and use, not the least of which is our liquid level sensors. Our water level sensors are built to last, withstanding harsh conditions, compensating for waves, and maintaining an accuracy within 1/8″ of operating range.

With other manufacturers who make sensors for use with multiple liquids, you’re forced to perform additional steps during installation, and there is the possibility that you will have to maintain the calibration on their liquid level sensors, adding a time-consuming expense.

This isn’t the case with a Waterline Controls liquid level sensor, which is as simple as can be. Save yourself the service fee and install it on your own. If you’re nervous about installation, call us and we’ll help you out.

Importance of Liquid Level Control

A well water holding tank is made to last; however, if there’s too little water pumped into it, you’re going to lose pressure. As a result, your daily water usage may be so affected that it becomes a problem to use your water-dependent appliances at the same time or even within a couple of hours of each other.

On the other hand, if too much water is in the tank, it could fail, which means a messy, inconvenient and expensive problem. To avoid these issues, using a liquid level control with a reliable liquid level switch is an affordable solution.

Why We’re the Best in Water Level Sensors

Whether for use at home or a business, we can accommodate your need. Waterline Control products are top-quality and long-lasting—in fact, many of the first Waterline controls developed in the 1980s are still in use today. Plus, we build all products in-house for immediate quality assurance.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

Our water level sensors come with a lifetime warranty, but we’re confident in our level sensors and you’ll likely never need it. No risk of rust; no frequently moving parts that may malfunction. Still, in the rare instance a unit fails, we’ll replace it or fix it at no cost to you.

You can rely on us for any product support. Call 888-905-1892 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Waterline Controls has a full line of electronic level controllers and sensors. See the entire offering.

• Cooling Tower Systems – Never Replace a Water Level Controller Again!
• Fire Suppression Systems
• Holding Tanks
• Sewage Systems
• Storm Water Storage
• Surge Tanks
• Waste Water Treatment
• Well Water Tanks – Never Replace a Float Switch Again!

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  • Water Level Indicator Capacitive Sensor Probe

    Water Level Indicator Capacitive Sensor Probe

    The WLI capacitive sensor probe is a non-conductive probe that determines the level of liquid in a tank by measuring the change in frequency due to the change of capacitance across the probes the liquid changes height. This is accomplished by using the probes as the plates of a capacitor and the liquid as the insulator between the plates. The probe is calibrated to the dielectric constant of water. The probe is also sealed against the environment in order to insure long life and accurate performance. WLI Series is designed as a level indicator onlyand should not be used as a level controller. WLI Series can be usedin conjunction with WLC units.The can be used in place of any Ultrasound Level Indicator, especially in water where there can sometimes be technical issues with the Ultrasound technology. The output is a 0 to 20 mA signal that can drive a resistance up to 1100 Ohms. The input voltage required is 24 VDC. By using a current output, the output becomes immune to interference from outside sources. The output accuracy is stepped in 5% increments over the length of the probe and is accurate by plus or minus 10% over the length of the sensor.

  • Float Switch Controls

    Float Switch Controls

    These are low cost controls for any Float Switch operation.  This control comes in four different configurations: Single Float pump up or pump down, Two float pump up or pump down, single float pump up or down with a second float for a low alarm or high alarm and a pump up or down using two floats with a high or low alarm.


    At this point we do not supply the float switches.  We are supply these controls so the voltage in the water or wet area meets the UL requirements not to exceed 24VAC.  These will always operate less the 24VAC through the float switches.  The enclosure is a NEMA6R and ideal for wet applications.  Ask your contractor how he plans to operate the floats so you know he is using some sort of low voltage system.  While we prefer the low voltage electronic sensing system we developed we realize that it may not always fit into the budget and has more features and functions than are needed for your application.

  • WLC-3000-Fill Only

    WLC-3000-Fill Only

    Fill Only With Diagnostics-Complete Kit Includes Sensor With 50 ft. Sensor Wire, The Controller, and Mounting Assembly.
    Fill Only | SINGLE-CONTACT POINT | Custom Sensors lengths available upon request | 4-wire Dry contacts to BMS for measuring Fill “ON” time and fault conditions. Operates any 110VAC valve. (Not supplied in this kit (See Options Section for valves).