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An Electronic Water Controller Again!

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NEVER REPLACE An Electronic Level Controller or Float Again!

We are an End-to-End engineering company. We develop our own products but we also develop products for other companies. If you have a project that you are thinking about outsourcing we are interested in seeing if we can participate.
  • Water Level Indicator

    Water Level Indicator

    CheckPoint can be used in place of any Ultrasound Level Indicator, especially in water where there can sometimes be technical issues with the Ultrasound technology. CheckPoint easily integrates into any Building Automation System (BMS) using 0-20mA input as a function of level in the environment. CheckPoint can be made in any length needed for your application. CheckPoint is the latest development from WaterLine Controls. It is a digital Liquid Level Indicator, Water Level Indicator and Water Level Indicator For Tank level indicators. It is not intended to be a level controller. It’s design and technology is designed to provide a level indication inside and environment. It is plus or minus 5%-10% accurate.

  • Pressure Switch

    Pressure Switch

    All the Sensors we produce are Intrinsically Safe. 

    This Pressure switch is durable and long lasting.  It operates on a low differential pressure.

    This can be used in place of the Standard Sensor assembly when ever it is not possible to use.


    Part Number is PR01

    e.g. WLC-5000-110-PR01  Is a 5000 Controller with a Pressure Switch Sensor.  The advantage is in using the controls with this switch are all the outputs the controls offer to high voltage relays and BAS dry contacts for electronically “seeing the functionality of the switch.