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Lack Of Sprinkler System Increases Injury And Death
hawaii-fireOn Friday, July 14, 2017, a high-rise building fire in Honolulu, Hawaii, spread from one unit to additional units and threated engulfing the entire building after a fire broke out in one unit on the 26th floor of an apartment building. At least 3 casualties and over a dozen injuries Continue reading
Cooling Tower News Updates

Cooling Tower News Updates

100s Of Cooling Towers Examined After Melbourne Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak In March That Had Six Confirmed Cases

Cleaning of large amounts of cooling towers in Melbourne Australia were undertaken after Victoria’s Department of Health and Human… Continue reading

Is Your Cooling Tower as Safe as You Think?

Is Your Cooling Tower as Safe as You Think? Is Stricter Oversight the Answer?

Legionnaire’s Disease

Legionella bacteria, the source of Legionnaire’s Disease, has been repeatedly found in inspections of cooling towers after outbreaks. Many areas are turning to tighter… Continue reading

HVAC Installation Accidents

HVAC Installation Accidents

Injury From Electrical Shock During HVAC Service

A man fell while working on an HVAC unit in Wilmington, Delaware inside a building on 1201 North Orange Street shortly after 3 p.m., after what appeared to be an… Continue reading